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“A Smart Lamp Designed to Fight the Winter Blues”


“Unlike glaring flourescent lights or glowing screens, Sunn mimics natural lighting, keeping your circadian rhythms in check.”

- Fast Company

“The sun is a mass of incandescent gas -- a gigantic nuclear furnace, you might say. The Sunn Light, on the other hand, is a smart LED light fixture.”


“If you are wondering what I would like for Christmas, it's the Sunn Light.”

- Tech Co

“The sun is our oldest light source and one of the most universal cues that we use to tell time.”

- Inhabitat

“Sunn is a fresh new take on the premise of a “smart” light fixture.”

- Digital Trends

“The Sunn Light is designed to improve sleep and increase focus by helping adjust our internal clocks to the right time of day.”

- Chicago Innovation

“And if long, dark winters take a toll on you, the Sunn Travel feature can reflect the lighting conditions of anywhere else in the world – it cannot, however, emulate the sights and sounds of a beach volleyball game.”

- Uncubed

“If your home won’t fit more windows or a skylight, perhaps this is the next best thing.”